ANALOG MODELLING Analog modeling – one of the most important types of the modeling, based on analogy (in more exact terms – isomorphism) the phenomena having the various physical nature, but described identical mathematical (differential, algebraic or others) the equations. The simple example – two systems, first of which having the mechanical nature, consists of […]

Golden rule of accumulation

Golden rule of accumulation of the formula of growth offered by R. Solou: with a steady growth of labor costs (g) there is a direct correlation between the rate of accumulation (s) and capital stock (K), referred to the annual produce (Q). Disposal of capital can not be greater than the marginal product of capital […]

Venture financing. Investments. Capital.

The venture capital is understood as the share capital provided by investors which invest with simultaneous management in private enterprises at the initial stage of their development. Venture investments are made for the purpose of receiving high profit after sale of a share in the company. By search of object of venture investments often investors […]